Malmstrom AFB Open End Design Contract

Project Description: GPD, PC has been the Prime Contractor for MEP design at Malmstrom AFB, MT since 2003. Since then, we have managed and completed over 80 designs, while working on over 30 additional designs under separate contracts. Our wide range of projects include the following:

• Electric Utility upgrades (underground and overhead).
• Natural Gas Distribution, Regulation and Metering
• Catenary Lightning Protection, Static Grounding and Cathodic Protection systems.
• Vehicle Entrapment and Entry Gates
• Roadway, Parking and Security Lighting
• Vehicle Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Barrier Repairs
• General Building Remodels
• District High Temperature Hot Water system Valves and Building Heat Exchangers
• Cooling Equipment and Chiller Replacements
• Building HVAC system upgrades
• Emergency power Generator & Transfer Switch Replacements
• Temperature Controls Systems upgrades
• Security and Alarm Systems upgrades and expansions
• Solar PV Systems
• Missile Alert Facility System Upgrades (MEP, Water Treatment & Distribution, Site Utilities, & Building Renovations).