Rocky Mountain Labs Hamilton, MT

Project Description: GPD, PC has been the Mechanical and Electrical Consultant for the Architectural/Engineering IDIQ contract at Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton Montana for the past 15 years and had held the contract previous to that before the start of a major renovation of the RML Campus in 1996. Starting in 1998, the IDIQ was re-initiated to support ongoing facility upgrades. Since that time, GPD has been involved in over 100 task orders and over $100 million in construction on that campus. Project sizes range from minor equipment replacement costing a few thousand dollars, to complete design and CA of new Laboratory and Animal Holding Facilities costing over $10 million. Space types include Administration, Laboratories, Animal Holding and Research, Data Centers/IT support, receiving and storage buildings, facility staff and trades buildings, and Visitors Center. To service the RML Campus, there are many central campus systems that GPD has been involved in designing. GPD has been responsible for design and CA of Chiller Plant upgrades with multiple 1000 ton centrifugal chillers, Emergency Power Plant Design with five 1250KW paralleled generators, Steam Plant with three 50,000 tone steam boilers and associated underground distribution, and site distribution projects for power and communications systems.